Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vladimir Putin is Living His Truth

One thing I have to say I really respect about Vladimir Putin is that he totally lives his truth.

He's like, I'm just a sociopathic dictator with homocidal tendencies, and you know what? I'm gonna run with that, because I know what it means to chase my dreams. 

It's almost like Putin read "What Color is Your Parachute?", and the quiz at the back of the book said he didn't actually have a color of parachute, but instead was destined to suffocate his enemies with the parachute itself, and that was his true calling.

You have to admire that. 

There's nothing quite like watching somebody who is good at what they do doing what they love, ya know? 

In this case, that thing happens to be running an international criminal spy ring, slowly poisoning your political opponents to death, and riding shirtless and bareback on a horse like you're posing for Playgirl, but hey, to each his own and PROPS to Putin for living his deepest truth.

Putin has taken the concept of giving zero fucks to a very different place. A serial killer kind of place. A next-level place where murdering dissidents, jailing artists and intellectuals, and tampering with overseas elections is all in a day's work.

When he gets home to the Kremlin after a long day of scheming to overthrow the democratic global world order as we know it, Vlad looks in the mirror as he's shaving. And what looks back at him is someone who is truly doing what he was put on this earth to do.

Slow clap.

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