Friday, February 3, 2017

Let's Just Clear a Few Things Up Right Now

1. I've had this blog since October, 2014.
2. My real name is Libby Bakalar.
3. My blog is not anonymous and I do not hide my identity.
4. Everyone in my personal and professional life knows about my blog.
5. I wrote the now internet-famous "Frederick Douglass" Twitter account post from scratch--it was never a Twitter account.
6. I am a woman.
7. Women can be funny.
8. Women can have opinions.
9. I am a lawyer.
10. Lawyers can be funny.
11. Lawyers can have personal opinions.
12. I don't blog about work/while working.
13. I am not afraid of trolls and bullies, even those who threaten me, my family, and/or my livelihood.
14. I have been called every name in the book, and I am not afraid.
15. I have a First Amendment right to my opinions and my writing.
16. I'm Jewish and I have family who survived/did not survive the Holocaust, so good fucking luck trying to get me to shut up about Trump.



  1. Link corrected with appropriate attribution. #actlikeanamerican

  2. Love you sister - thanks for HUGE smiles

  3. I love you Libby Balakar. Knowing you're out there gives me hope.

  4. I don't always agree with you, but you make me laugh more often than not. Your fearlessness is inspiring and I hope you never stop speaking your mind on this blog. Proud to be the first male (old white guy in AZ) to offer my support.

  5. OHM. ,Keeping it real. Every day.

  6. Keep on keeping on! You're welcome as my houseguest in Taiwan anytime...

  7. Just found OHM this week and you rock. My daughter (30) has bookmarked you too, so I get dad points for that. Win-win. Keep it up and thx

  8. Just found OHM this week, and you rock. My daughter (30) has you bookmarked, too, so I get dad points for that. Win-win. Thx for lobbing the smart-grenades

  9. 10th comment. After I was lucky enough to get the link to "Frederick Douglas Opens Up a Twitter Account..." on my Facebook page, I'm a fan forever.

  10. After I was lucky enough to have a friend share the link to "Frederick Douglas Opens Up a Twitter Account..." on Facebook, I am a fan FOR.EV.ER.

  11. Discovered your blog because of the Frederick Douglass Twitter post; been working my way through your other posts. You're fucking hilarious! :)

  12. Too bad your blog is not monetized. You would have BANKED for your viral post. :P

  13. From one writer to another, love your writing. I'd subscribe to this if I could find the darn button. And I learned about you from your mom on Friday. She's so proud of you!


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