Monday, February 13, 2017

What Too Make of This?

That is the kwestshun. What too make of the fact that POTUS siyned an offishul poster that used the rong form of the werd "to" in front of the werd "great?"

Now of coarse, this wood knot bee a big "deal" if it were an isolayted insident of sum kind, but in addishun to konstantly spelling werds like "honer" and "chocker" rong, our POTUS and the peeple who werk four him cannot distingwish between basic forms of the word "to," a skill witch my therd grade dawter and kindergartener sun seam two due just fine with in common core public skool, at least four now.

I wish this wuz fayke noose, but sadly it's snot. Google the storee and ewe will sea it's troo. An inawgurall poster with this errer on it, "unpresidented" (a werd POTUS also used) in modern tymez, somehow made it thru an editing prosess and into a gift shop at the librerry of congress. Too say nothing of the noomerus errers of this natcher cumming out of the White House on a neer daylee basis.

Even my six year-old sun knows how to spell every werd in this picktcher he droo of a shark trying to catch a son star. The only werd he spelled wrong was "hungrey! 'Member when Dan Quayle got crewsiffied for spelling "potato" rong? Man those were the daze!  My sun could be POTUS too someday! Maybe even tomorrow?

I no, I no. It is very, VERY libtarded, snowflakey and eleetust two want an educashun secretary and a POTUS who have a basik grasp on skool and werds and spelling and grammer. Espeshully when we knead too focus on more importent things like Rushin spying and rampant corrupshun unpresidented in our life thymes.

Wate. Never mind! Hoo cares?

Everyone in Murica nose that educashun and spelling and reeding werds are for eleetust PUSSSSAAAAAAYYYYYYS and that if we are really gonna #MAGA we should just bern every book ever ridden accept the Bible. 


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