Tuesday, February 28, 2017

25 Ideas for the Walmart Building in Juneau

1. A Hall of Fame Hall of Fame, honoring the world's greatest Halls of Fame.
2. A dope grow
3. A pepper cave
4. A trampoline park
5. A paint ball range
6. A P.F. Changs 
7. A TJ Maxx
8. A TGI Fridays
9. A mold museum 
10. A giant, sketchy abandoned parking lot and forgotten box store
11. Indoor pony rides 
12. A Turkish bath house
13. A Russian bath house
14. An indoor wind farm
15. Bumper cars 
16. A puppy mill
17. A gin mill
18. A cock-fighting ring 
19. S&M Dungeon & Supply
20. A pod of cryogenic chambers
21. An alien autopsy laboratory 
22. Trump brand products reject outlet 
23. A combo private prison/child care facility
24. Mel Gibson's house
25. A permanent silent auction 


  1. I can't stop imagining visiting a pepper cave and the non-stop sneezing that ensues. Hilarious!

  2. Hey, wouldn't it be great to have a Trader Joe's? As long as we're dreaming of wacky ideas......