Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Roses are Red: 2017 Edition

Roses are red
Kid Rock for Congress?
The only solution 
Is to rip 50 bong hits.

Roses are red
Our President's bronze
You'd need a bulldozer
To unearth his cons.

Roses are red
Trump can't stop tweeting
He trolled fucking NORDSTROM
In an intelligence meeting!

Roses are red
Mike Flynn is a traitor
And Trump's a demented old
Spray-tanned dictator.

Roses are red
All puppets have masters
This whole Russia thing
Is a fucking DISASTER!

Roses are red
Putin loves Trump
Our whole Constitution 
Is now in the dump.

Roses are red
This shit is insane 
It appears that the swamp
Has a clog in the drain.

Roses are red
Supremacy's white
The time has arrived 
To resist and to fight.

Roses are red
The sky isn't blue
Kellyanne Conway
Just told us it's true!

Roses are red
Our POTUS hates science 
Those who can spell
Must persist in defiance

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  1. Swear to gawd I do not know who Kid Rock is, never seen a pic before. But offhand, I'd say he'd be perfect.


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