Saturday, March 4, 2017

Internet Hyperbole

Here are some of the best hyperbolic expressions on the Internet in the age of #MAGA. 

Also: on a scale of 1 to mushroom cloud, how concerned should we be that the president of the United States does not know how to spell the word "tap?" Asking for a few billion friends.

"This is a game-changer."
"The REAL problem is ..."
"I'm quitting social media..."
"If you read ONE thing today..."
"Total bombshell."
"This is BIG."


  1. I can't even. Can you imagine what all his cabinet members are thinking?

    How long will this go on?

    1. Susan, I believe for longer than anyone sane can endure. This cycle has shown to me that that there is a frightening contingent that is both refractory and emboldened.


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