Friday, March 10, 2017

Amal Clooney is Prosecuting Genocide at the U.N. but Who Cares Because Baby Bump!

The screenshot as applied to social media is a beautiful thing--and a double-edged sword. It prevents publications (and individuals like me) from backtracking to their better judgment of five seconds ago, and rethinking impulsive or poorly-worded utterances and reports.

So it was this week when Time Magazine decided that the most important thing about Amal Clooney urging the United Nations to investigate genocidal acts by ISIS was a linked story in People, in which Amal reportedly "stepped out outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City . . .  showing off her baby bump in a dark gray pencil skirt and matching cropped blazer."

Further down in the article is some boring-ass crap about Amal's ISIS victim-client, compelling testimony, mass graves, and other snooze-inducing shit that is not nearly as juicy as the color and cut of Amal's blazer and her "rockin'" baby bump.

Now granted, the only reason we care about Amal Clooney in the first place is that she's super hot and married to George Clooney. Otherwise, she'd just be another wide-eyed social justice warrior lawyer toiling in obscurity for human rights.

And yet.

It seems to me that once Amal has been hurtled into the public consciousness by virtue of her marriage to a successful Hollywood icon (as opposed to by virtue of her own impressive professional accomplishments), the MOST interesting thing about her is that her own accomplishments continue to shine DESPITE the fact that she has presumably ceded her entire raison d'etre to a famous man.

The internet took notice and dragged Time to the ends of the earth for making the most interesting thing about Amal the fact that George Clooney inseminated her. Time got the memo and quickly re-framed the story on its website, but still. 

A screenshot is forever, and it says a lot of Very Sad Things about how society and the media view successful women.

Doesn't it?

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