Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Love Women, Believe Me. By Donald J. Trump

Listen. Nobody loves women more than Donald J. Trump, okay? Nobody. I am the least sexist person in the world. The LEAST sexist person. I don't even know how to spell the word "sexist." I absolutely love women. Love 'em!

Look, people. Look. The Miss Universe Pageant? That was my pageant. Very successful pageant. Tremendous ratings. And made up completely and totally of women! Not just whites either, by the way. Also blacks and Hispanics. All tens, by the way. Not a five in the bunch.

Don't believe the FAKE NEWS (CNN, failing NY Times, etc.) which are so biased and desperate for ratings they will make up total lies about me. It's terrible. Truly a disaster, what these networks are saying in their coverage of me. They should apologize! (Fox is great though, I will be on at 6pm tonight EST talking JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Enjoy!)

Anyway, as I was saying, I have tremendous, tremendous respect for women. Bigly, terrific, wonderful, amazing respect. You wouldn't even believe it, the respect I have. That time I specifically told Howard Stern I didn't was a TOTAL mischaracterization by the lying media. Even though I said those exact words.

Same with grab her by the pussy and move on her like a bitch and how I don't even wait and how it's very hard to be a ten if you're flat chested and how women are fat, disgusting, ugly pigs and dogs with blood coming out of their whatevers who should be criminally punished for having legal abortions and that stuff about prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow.

That was all locker room talk and LIES spread by low-life "leakers" with so-called "intelligence," and the fake, lying, failing, TOTALLY DISHONEST news media wants you to think I don't love women! And let me tell you, we will be launching a MASSIVE investigation into these "leaking" frauds and illegal "leaks."

Believe me.

The way I have been treated though, it's VERY SAD, and totally, completely, absolutely, 100 percent UNFAIR. I and my administration have been treated SO incredibly badly and unfairly by the media and by the paid protesting thugs and feminists who lied about the size of my hands and the size of my crowds. It is so, so incredibly wrong and dishonest and everyone should apologize to me IMMEDIATELY!

Because no one--and I mean NO ONE, folks--is better to and for women than Donald J. Trump. I'm gonna do some great, wonderful, terrific deals for women. Just wait. It's gonna be huge. The deals I will do. Huge deals.

And the feeling is mutual, by the way. I go to places, talk to women. So many places, so many women, they can't keep their hands off me. Can't stop flirting. Who can blame them? Not me! If I were a woman I would flirt with me too.

And if you think about it, I almost AM a woman, actually. Look at my daughter, Ivanka. Beautiful woman. Gorgeous, successful, beautiful woman with excellent genes. EXCELLENT genes, okay? If she weren't my daughter I would date her. Without a doubt.

And look at my administration, by the way. I have Kellyanne, what a doll, that Kellyanne Conway. Also Besty DeVos, okay? Terrific, amazing woman doing an absolutely amazing job for all the children in the schools. And that older Chinese lady who's married to Mitch McConnell. Can't remember her name and wouldn't be able to pronounce it if I could. The point is, she's old and Chinese and absolutely fantastic. Those three ladies get along great. Would love to watch them all make out in a threesome. That's how much I love women.

So don't believe the LYING PRESS. I have women, lots of them. Believe me. No one has more women than me.

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