Wednesday, March 15, 2017

If I Literally Listened to Every Ad on Juneau Top-40 Radio

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I spent an entire day doing exactly what every ad on Mix 106--Juneau’s top-40 radio station--said to do. Why do I waste valuable bandwidth on this (pun intended)? 

I honestly have no idea, but here's what that day would look like:

I’d wake up in the morning feeling groggy after a crappy night’s sleep, and immediately call Dr. John Krehlik, Alaska’s Sleep Doctor. Once I pick up my free in-home, sleep-apnea and snoring testing kit for me (or my sleep partner) to use in the comfort of my own home, I’d pop on over to Les Schwab tires to get my tires changed or Mendenhall Auto Center--which does not expect my business but would like the opportunity to earn my business.

That’ll probably take awhile, so while my car is up on blocks, I’ll cruise into the deli counter at Fred Meyer for a piping hot rotisserie chicken and one of many delicious sides for a quick and tasty home-cooked weekday meal.

If I had my kids with me, which I would, I’d drop them off for child care at Pavitt Health and Fitness while I took advantage of their extended hours and many fitness classes; just in time to work on my bikini-bod and my chance to win the Juneau jet-away and four round-trip tickets to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies!

But where things get REALLY crazy is Wednesday, a.k.a. ladies night at the Canton Asian Bistro or the Airport Travel Lodge. It’s not just any old night that I can gather up all my girlfriends for half-priced aps and drinks, but it IS every night that my kids ask me from the back of the car: “Mom, are you going to the Canton Asian Bistro for ladies night?”

And for the first time in my life, I’d be able to say yes.

Question is, what do I wear? Well, Cassandra's Closet in the Airport Mini-Mall Shopping Center has new-to-me clothes shipped in from Seattle every week and hand-picked by Cassandra herself, so there you go.

But wait a minute . . . I think I need to repaint my house at Benjamin Moore paint center and then get some new insurance policies, so I can insure and be sure with Shattuck & Grummett insurance.

Oh wait! I almost forgot. It's my birthday and I get $25 off dinner at the Breakwater Inn this entire month (no planning, no complicated scheduling, they know that I just want to RELAX on my birthday) and I need to hit their Happy Hour apps!

I think I'll ride my bike there from Cycle Alaska, because if anyone knows this, it's them: nothing has the potential for adventure  . . . like a bike.

Gotta go!

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