Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Maybe Donald Trump Should Stop Talmbout Russia and Uranium

If there was ever a doubt that Donald Trump is your racist uncle who Forrest Gumped himself into the Oval Office, you can put that doubt to rest with his comments on Russia and uranium.

It's unclear from this tweet what Trump means by "Fake News," although it is abundantly clear that "Fake News" in Trump-speak is any news that reports at all critically on Donald Trump. 

That automatically makes it "Fake News." Of course, it also makes everything else state-sponsored propaganda, particularly when he tells you to watch it. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, fascist is as fascist does:

When you read his definition of uranium, though, you won't be surprised he doesn't know how to spell "tap" or "hereby." Marie Curie this dude is not: 

Actually, uranium isn't a "thing called nuclear weapons." It's an element on the periodic table, which Trump would know if he'd paid attention in high school chemsistry. For someone who had every opportunity in life, he sure didn't try too hard to learn anything. Not many things. Very few things, good OR bad, I'm afraid.

Maybe he should focus on a different element. Like gold, which is his favorite color, or helium, which makes up 50% of his brain mass. Citizens of the United States: this is your president, and no one knows what dafuq he talmbout. 

Like. EVER.

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  1. Talmbout MY generation (The Who)! I'm very sad to say that we boomers are the sorriest lot that America has ever produced, especially those of a so-called conservative stripe. It's a great hope to me that my Mil children have finally awakened to that fact and have become politically active. My youngest, a dancer in New York, has even threaten to go back to school and become a lawyer (GAG!) in order to better fight.


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