Thursday, October 1, 2015

One Whole Year of One Hot Mess

Today is O.H.M.'s first birthday, and I must say it's been a pretty cool year for me and for the blog. Basically I found a super fun hobby that my friends, family, and lots of folks I don't know at all have continued to indulge and enable.

Highlights include my friend Clint Farr's article in the Alaska Dispatch on O.H.M.; KTOO's Scott Burton's coverage of O.H.M., including a guest post on the Boston Women In Comedy Festival's blog and the unfolding CDATPOS live-action drama; Emily Russo Miller's Juneau Empire above-the-fold report on the freed nipple AWARE fundraising effort; O.H.M.'s turn in Juneau Lyric Opera's 2015 Who's Your Diva performance; reprints of O.H.M. posts in the Alaska Dispatch here, here, and here; and this post on Serena Williams that reached some 95,500 souls out there in cyberspace.

Basically the response to O.H.M. has been overwhelming and unexpectedly fulfilling in so many ways. But my favorite thing by far about writing O.H.M. is the connection it allows me to make with the people who read it, and that's why I've kept it up at such a furious pace. 

I thought a fitting tribute to O.H.M.'s first birthday would be to post individual blog posts from each month of the year. These are posts that I really liked a lot, but that didn't necessarily get a lot of reads or much traction for whatever reason. These "sleepers" are posts that hard-core readers will recognize and more transient/casual readers might enjoy for the first time. I'm going to post one per day for twelve days, in addition to whatever new material I might come up with that day, under a 12-day, post-of-the month retrospective feature.

Without further ado, I present Post of the Month for October 2014, aptly titled "David Bowie's Junk," in which I explain my early fascination with David Bowie's junk in the 1980's acid trip cult-sleeper of a Muppet movie, Labyrinth

"You remind me of the babe/What babe?/Babe with the power/What power?/Power of voodoo/Who do?/You do!/Do what?/Remind me of the babe!"

That's in your head now. You're welcome.

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