Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hurricaine Patricia Tragically Ends White Couple's Honeymoon

You guys. This is really serious news, as reported by ABC News all dressed up in its pink breast cancer ribbon for pink breast cancer ribbon awareness week. 

If you haven't been paying attention, the worst hurricane in the history of recorded weather in the Western Hemisphere has just decimated the coast of Mexico. Thousands of residents will go without water and power, and there will most certainly be a grave loss of life and property.

So what comes through on ABC News' official Twitter feed? Why, only the most tragic outcome of the entire storm, of course! Two cranky white honeymooners being forced to evacuate their hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

It isn't the bazillions of brown people who actually live in Mexico and kind of need it to be in one piece who matter you see. It's the thousands of people at destination weddings and honeymoons at exclusive resorts with whom we all must be the most profoundly concerned. 

For it is they who are most relatable. It's sooo much easier and more comfy to pretend that the worst thing about an unprecedented storm on a planet of constantly emerging "unprecedented" weather happenings is the loss of a security deposit and a few less margaritas.

ABC News to The World: "Shhhh ... go to sleep ..."

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