Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Two American Women Texting About Justin Trudeau

AW1:  OMG did you see who Canada just elected Prime Minister?!
AW2: Justin Theroux right?
AW1: No asshole. That's Jennifer Anniston's husband.
AW2: Oh yeah. Wait a minute. Yes. I saw that actually. He's a total hottie. Jezebel did an article on him today. It was titled "Canadians Elect Guy Named Justin as Their Leader." They called him "non-controversially fuckable."
AW1: Totes hilarious.
AW2: He's like a total feminist too. I heard he's going to fill his whole cabinet with women.
AW1: God, why can't we live in Canada? I totes want to fill his cabinet!
AW2: That's what she said.
AW2: Seriously he looks like Michael Buble AND Justin Theroux but way smarter, amirite!?
AW1: Wait let me Google Michael Buble. Who is he again?
AW2: He sang that one really bad song that was literally EVERYWHERE two years ago. Wait, actually I think his name is James Blunt. They're both from Canada or maybe England I think.
AW1: Oh yeah him. Wait. I'm Googling them both now. OMG. Totally! 
AW2: I just looked at both of them. He actually looks like the love-child of Michael Buble AND James Blunt.
AW1: And also Justin Theroux. He also kind of looks like him too kind of, don't you think?
AW2: OMG totally.
AW1: Look who's on deck for us in 2016. Ugh. I'm totally moving to Canada.

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