Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm Just Gonna Leave This Right Here: "Nutscaping" Is a Thing

When an alert reader told me about "nutscaping" I thought it had something to do with guys shaving their nuts. But no! It's all about bros taking sack-selfies in front of Mt. Rushmore and tropical beaches.

A report and slideshow on this new amazeballs (pun intended) trend in photography from dumb-bros-with-smartphones can be found here.

In the interest of gender equality, I am starting a competing trend called "ponscapes," where women take pictures of themselves in front of stunning landscapes--with a tampon.

Is this as stupid and obscene as nutscaping? Probably not, but it seems easier than trying to get your ovaries (the female equivalent of balls) into a panorama of the Grand Canyon. And since I live in Alaska, I've got a lot of inspiration.

BEHOLD: The world's first ponscape! This is taken against the dramatic backdrop of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. I had to do it fast, because rain. And we all know balls hold up better under water than tampons do.

Obvi, I will be starting a wiki-gallery of ponscapes by separate post. Send yours to me today, and be the first to get a jump on the female version of nutscaping!

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