Saturday, October 17, 2015

Two First World Alaska Moms Spot an Anthropologie

Mom 1: OMG! Is that an Anthropologie?
Mom 2: OMG yes. I LOVE Anthropologie.
Mom 1: Dude! We need to go in.
Mom 2: Should we? It's so fucking expensive.
Mom 1: I know but their catalog though. And like their dresses? The household goods? I meeeeeeaan...?
Mom 2: Ugh. I kind of hate it. But I also kind of love it.
Mom 1: Me too. Fine. Let's go.
Mom 2: This sweater is so cute and it's 20% off. I'm totally getting this.
Mom 1: That grandma right in front of you just bought herself the EXACT same sweater.
Mom 2: FUCK! Ugh, whatever. I don't care. She doesn't live in Juneau. I'm still totally getting this.
Mom 1: Me too. I'm copying you. Do you mind?
Mom 2: Totally not.
Mom 1: OMG YAY.
Mom 2: YAY.
Mom 1: Do you think we're MILFs?
Mom 2: I doubt it.
Mom 1: Fuck. Oh well. Wait wait. Don't forget! We're tax exempt with our AK drivers licenses.
Mom 2: That's so much better and more important than MILF-hood.

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