Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Really Need More Reasoned Critique of Trevor Noah

There's something I've been missing lately, and it's reasoned critique of Trevor Noah. 

The new host of The Daily Show totally slipped into Jon Stewart's place on the only legitimate news program on television without so much as a word from anyone.

Like there is almost NOTHING online about Trevor Noah at all. No one is talking about how he did in his debut; how he compares to Jon Stewart; how he will handle the fame; whether he is an anti-Semite; how his race informs his comedy; whether he has yet grasped the art of The Daily Show interview; how he chooses his musical guests; how well or poorly those musical guests performed on his show; how many nights he has been hosting and how he has fared on each one so far; and so on.

When I Google "Trevor Noah," I only get 31,400,000 results and I need at least 31,400,001 to feel like there is sufficient information available online and elsewhere about Trevor Noah. Basically what I'm saying is that the level of Trevor Noah saturation is nowhere near where it should be.

For example, between the first and last sentence of this post, I forgot who Trevor Noah was for a second. I know he is someone with two first names like his predecessor. And I know his predecessor's name. But that's all I know.

Please: Slate, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Salon, NYT, and any other periodical online or in print that contains letters that are put together to make words and words that are then in turn made into sentences: I need more reasoned critique of Trevor Noah.  

Thank you.

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