Friday, October 16, 2015

Please Keep Talking, Strangers on a Plane

Oh hey there people sitting in the row behind me on this airplane!

Please keep talking, because I cannot help but feel totally riveted by your conversation despite the fact that, in substance, it could not be more dull. That's really what's so fascinating about it. How boring and annoying you are, and yet, how I cannot stop paying rapt attention to every detail of your conversation.

Tell me again at a too-high-for-an-enclosed-space volume how good the fishing was on the Kenai and what your ex-wife has been up to in Germany, because I can't get enough of that. Also describe in great detail that one time you saw a very interesting art exhibit in Zurich. Make sure you also exchange detailed information about the people you know in common with your seatmate and list in alphabetical order all the locations in Alaska to which you travel regularly for business and leisure.

So far, you are even more interesting than the man on the Link Rail who was shouting into his cell phone (apparently to a loved one because he said "I love you"), and dropped his call twice before informing the person on the other end that he was on the Link Rail approaching Pioneer Square.

So please, strangers on an airplane, keep talking, because this is THE BEST.

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