Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two Adorable Senior Citizens Discuss Emojis and It's Hilarious

The following is the (almost) verbatim transcript of an actual conversation between two married senior citizens about emojis. The video-recorded conversation was sent to me via text from an anonymous source, and is transcribed here with permission:

Wife: What do you think about the word "emojis?"
Husband: What are emojis?
Wife: It's a hot new thing. Emojis, I believe, are the  . . . um . . . the sort of icons and pictures that you make when you email and text.
Husband: Oh, oh I see. Emojis. What do I think of them? [inaudible].
Wife: Yeah, I mean it's a whole new word! They just keep talking about emojis!
Husband: Oh yeah, now I've seen it. Now I recognize it. I've seen it. What do I think of the word?
Wife: It was in ... it was in the crossword puzzle yesterday.
Husband: Oh, oh.

Hilarious, adorable, and completely priceless!

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