Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Video: These 7 Local Alaska TV Commercials Will Make Your Day

You don't have to live in Alaska to appreciate the beauty of the low-budget TV commercial aired during major sporting events on national television. Alaska has some of the very best of these ads that the free world has to offer, and I strongly urge you to waste the few minutes required to watch each of these in full. 

I will keep my editorializing to a minimum, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then these seven videos are worth TEN thousand.

1. Twin Dragon Chinese Restaurant ("Twin Dragon, Twin Dragon, Mongolian barbequeeeeee, Twin Dragon, Twin Dragon, can we cook up something, fresh just for you?" I defy you to not let this ear-worm of a jingle hijack your head).

2. Ted Saddler's "Mattress Ranch" ("Next to the bus barn in Wasilla now is where we is! Save more bucks at the Mattress Ranch")!

3. Sicily's Pizza: (Call 333-8000! They don't use "the synthetic stuff").

4. The Ulu Factory: (Take the trolley there--it's free IF you're going to the Ulu Factory!)

5. Toyo Stove (Product Overview): (I love the authentic interaction between this guy and his dog):

6. David Green, Master Furrier: (The kids are really getting into the action here):

7. Dr. Hu's Family Dentistry/Smiles of Alaska (Not to be confused with British television cult hit TV program Doctor Who. Note: "You can go to somebody who's cheaper, but you're gonna get long lasting teeth with Dr. Hu.").

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