Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Don't Miss Barfing at These Three Dads Judging Girls in Leggings on Fox & Friends

For today's WTF files: Do not miss Jezebel's summary of Fox News' invited "panel of fathers" who went on national television to watch young women parade out in leggings and state whether or not they would let their daughters leave the house in that. 

Once you read the Jezebel post and watch the video clip, take the following quiz to see whether you've fully absorbed its content:

1. The guy on the right (Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty) should do which of the following things before being permitted to comment on someone else's appearance:

(a) Shave scary beard.
(b) Loosen bandanna around head as it is constricting blood flow to brain.
(c) Remove hands from vicinity of crotch to prove he is not hiding a boner.
(d) All of the above.

2. The guy in the middle (Fox legal analyst Arthur Aidala) is laughing uproariously because:

(a) He is on his way to the bank to cash his check from Fox for this.
(b) He got out of doing a careers panel at some third tier law school for this.
(c) He thinks promoting objectification and rape culture is hilarious.
(d) All of the above.

3. The guy on the left (Andrew Sansone, husband of Julie Banderas of Fox News) looks uncomfortable because:

(a) This is incredibly stupid and he knows it.
(b) He has stock in Lululemon and neglected to disclose his conflict of interest.
(c) He suddenly realizes that it's actually not very good or healthy for fathers to dictate their daughters' physical appearance and/or imply that their clothing choices make them sluts, as doing so can lead to shame and a loss of personal autonomy, since after all, fathers assuming that their daughters are first and foremost a sexual commodity is bad for their self-esteem and implies that a choice to wear leggings or not should somehow conform to or be driven by the gaze and leering of male strangers with their own fathers creepily acting as arbiters of said leering.
(d) All of the above.

Fox News Invites 'Panel of Fathers' to Discuss the Merits of Leggings

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