Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Pope’s Secret Meeting with Kim Davis: In Limerick

Well that's just a big bag of NOPE!
A man of his station
Has used his vacation
To meet with a bigoted dope?

The Vatican said that it’s true
Kim Davis has managed to do
What world leaders could not
What a pile of rot
That reflects something rather askew.

She says she was told to “stay strong”
But with all due respect this is wrong.
She works for the state
And she cannot conflate
Her job with the church there for long.

See it’s unfair to citizens here
Who are having their rights commandeered
By a total wing nut
Going off of her gut
From a secular outpost, I fear.

The Pope is quite wrong about rights.
This isn’t Kim Davis’s fight.
Same sex folks can wed
It need not be said
That Kim Davis is not God’s white knight.

“Conscientious objection” is fine
But the founders have drawn a firm line:
If you’re working for God
Fine, give Him a nod
But not on the government’s dime.

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