Monday, September 7, 2015

15 Minute Famers: Where Are They Now?

Who: Kato Kaelin
When: 1994
Famous For: Couch surfing at O.J.'s house and testifying in court that O.J. did that shit.

Now?: In gay fetish porn.
No Really: In crappy made-for-TV and straight-to-basic-cable movies and radio shows.


Who: Sully The Pilot
When: 2009
Famous For: Ditching a 747 in the Hudson River and managing not to kill any of the 155 people on board.

Now?: Voice-over actor for Sully the blue monster from the Monsters, Inc. franchise.
No Really: Retired and making zillions of dollars on the consulting and speaking circuit.

Who: Steve Bartman
When: 2003
Famous For: Randomly and royally fucking up the Cubs' 2003 post-season to the extent they weren't doing a good job of it themselves already.

Now?: Announcer for ESPN Quick Pitch.
No Really: Ducking media interviews in Chicago and working for a financial services company.

Who: Rachel Dolezal
When: 2015
Famous For: Running the Spokane chapter of the NAACP while pretending to be black.

Now?: Hair stylist specializing in weaves.
No Really: Yes. Really.

Who: Kim Davis
When: Present
Famous For: Working for the Kentucky state government while pretending the Constitution, separation of church and state, separation of powers, Supreme Court orders, and other basic principles of American civics don't exist and/or apply to her.

Now?: Still doing the above while asking the governor of Kentucky to free her from jail.
No Really:  Also yes. Really.

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