Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kentucky Fried Chicken: A Limerick

There once was a gal from Kentucky
Her career choice was rather unlucky
She’s two centuries late
On church versus state
And her bigotry’s really quite yucky.

But far more than yucky, it’s wrong
She legally cannot prolong
Giving license to wed
She is rather misled

Or perhaps she's been smoking a bong.

The Supreme Court has told her she must
But she maintains that this is unjust!
For in her addled mind
With God's word she's aligned 
While defiling the whole public trust.

See the problem we have with democracy
Is it doesn't mix well with theocracy
You get folks like Kim Davis
Acting downright audacious
In a secular, neutral bureaucracy.

If you want to be doing God's work
Then don't be a government clerk
The Supreme Court has spoken
Your resolve is unbroken
And it's driving the country berserk. 

You're running a circus for now
No one is quite sure just how
Long we can stand 
Your dumb line in the sand
That SCOTUS has just disavowed.

If you don't believe gay folks should marry
'Cause the Bible has made you too wary
Then just leave us alone
And go pray on your own
Even God thinks your face is too scary.

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