Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kim Davis is Really On To Something

Say what you will about her views on same sex marriage (I don't agree with them either) but let's be honest: Kim Davis is really on to something when it comes to this whole "doing my job is against my religion" thing. I totally need to model this, because it is seriously a golden ticket for life excuses and not doing all KINDS of shit.

I can't even begin to enumerate the number of things that are "against my religion": dealing with assholes; emptying the dishwasher; making small talk when I'm not in the mood; paying my bills; Apple tech support; dust mites. I could go on and on!

You have to admit, K.D. (I like to call her K.D., after the celebrated lesbian singer-songwriter K.D. Lang) has really stumbled upon an ingenious formula for avoidance of unpleasant obligations: just say whatever it happens to be is against your religion. Then get super famous and compared to Rosa Parks and Holocaust victims simply for being stubborn as a mule and insisting that the world and everyone in it should bend to your delusions rather than continue to march on to the beat of reality.

I can't wait to float this one past my boss on Tuesday morning. She's gonna LOVE it.

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  1. All the press on this was getting tiresome. You've added a refreshing take. Let us know what you came up with and how your boss liked it!


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