Monday, September 28, 2015

I Found a New and Relaxing Way to Ignore My Family

Bonus: it's way less stigmatized than a smart phone or a drug habit, AND it only cost me $83 on Amazon.

What is it? Well I'm glad you asked!

If you must know, it's a set of 64 very fancy Gelly Roll pens and two "mindful head space" (or something) adult coloring books.

Adult coloring is a hobby I've been toying around with for awhile. Like long before it was validated by actual real life coloring books made for post-pubescent people. In other words, I was adult coloring before it was cool.

And as everyone in The First World knows, once someone makes a depreciable good that you can buy to fill a non-existent need--particularly a need recently deemed trendy--the existence of that need is instantly validated, and you must log onto Amazon.

So it is with adult coloring books and Gelly Roll pens.

I knew I needed a more acceptable way to get to that happy place. The place where I feel relatively immune to the chaos unfolding around me every evening when I get home from work. Something less cliche, brain-zapping, and allegedly traumatizing to my kids than dicking around on an iPhone; something less virtuous and effortful than exercise; and something less caloric than whiskey.

BEHOLD. The magic of adult coloring.

Why just this evening, a friend and uncle-figure to my kids was visiting and Geoff was cooking dinner. I had invited Paige to color with me, but she quickly lost interest. I then completely ignored my children acting like maniacs, wrestling and throwing balls inside and slamming doors and requiring stern verbal discipline from said uncle.

I think I heard something about a banana and something else about not putting your head underneath a stool.

That's all I remember, and I'm glad. Who wouldn't be?

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