Thursday, September 3, 2015

Obituary: Human Decency: 1,000 B.C. - September 3, 2015, A.D.

Human Decency officially died today, taking with it the life of a young Syrian toddler who washed up on a Turkish beach, a casualty of his country's terrible conditions and Europe's growing "migrant" crisis. ("Migrant" is now a synonym for "human," thus portending the end of Human Decency). Photos of the deceased child flooded social media, confirming what the world has long suspected: Human Decency is officially dead.

Human Decency has had a hard go of it since time immemorial, allowing things like Slavery, The Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide, Darfur, and other atrocities to go down without so much as a break taken from golf-playing and cereal-eating. The photograph of the drowned boy is now proof positive that Human Decency has, in fact, totally and irredeemably perished.

Human Decency is survived by its twin siblings, Hope and Action, who with any luck will not suffer the same terrible fate as their brother concept. In lieu of flowers, please do one decent fucking thing for your fellow humans today.

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