Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Ahmed Mohamed Alarm Clock Kerfuffle in Limerick

There once was a young boy from Texas
To whom cops drew a puzzling nexus
He built an alarm
That they thought was a bomb
Their logic has rather perplexed us.

But the child’s name sounded Islamic
So of course it seemed quite economic
To call him a traitor
And ask questions later
It’d be sad if it weren’t so comic.

Now being a nerd is a crime
With stupidity on a steep climb
This kid’s only offense
Was having the sense
How to build a device to tell time.

Just when you think peeps can’t get dumber
News like this makes you feel even glummer
About the state of a nation
That gleans inspiration
From archetypes like “Joe the Plumber.”

This kid was just building a clock
And not IEDs from Iraq
He just had the bad luck
To end up being stuck
With adults who are dumber than rocks.

But all's well that ends well, you see
This fourteen year-old is now free
And he'll probably get
A full scholarship yet
To Harvard, Yale, or M.I.T.

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