Friday, June 12, 2015

Couples Acroyoga Will Make You Throw Up in Your Mouth, But O.H.M. Has the Listerine

If you're having lunch right now, put down your Greek yogurt and kale smoothie, because the latest meme on Instagram is more nauseating than eating a slab of spam sandwiched between two slices of pilot bread while on a crab boat being tossed around in the middle of the Bering Sea. It's called "couples acroyoga" and it looks like this:

The internet did a collective dry heave at this cloying derp-fest, and with good reason. Only hetero couples would be douchey enough to stage these pics and post them on Instagram, which is why O.H.M. has assembled equally douchey and ridiculous but MUCH more realistic male/female physical couples interactions:

1. The Ikea Couch Move

2. The Animated Argument

3. The Going Nowhere Dishes Foreplay

4. Cuddles on the Hateseat 

5. The Glowing Screen Space-Out Spiral

6. The Supermarket With Kids Shitshow

7. The Traveling With Kids Shitshow

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