Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ask a 21 Year-Old Wannabe Alaska Bro from the Midwest Working in Denali for the Summer

Heeeeey bro! Whaddya got goin' on this weekend? I'm heading up to the Brooks Range to float a few rivers before guiding season starts 'cause I can't handle the crowds. I got a couple peaks I wanna bag in the Wrangells and some climbs I'm doing over there too with a few buddies of mine from NOLS. 

Yeah, this summer's gonna be fuckin' righteous. 

Hey listen, do you think I could maybe borrow some gear? Like some carabiners and a set of crampons and some skis and skins and a sleeping bag and a tent and a food dehydrator and a water filter and an ice axe and a vacuum sealer and some food and some beers and a big smelly dog named Denali or Kiska? Do you know anyone who has that kinda shit they could loan me for like, a couple days, maybe?  If not don't worry about it, I can just hit up REI. Do you know anyone who can give me a ride to Anchorage? I might just hitchhike out on the Parks though. My car shit the bed like ten miles from Tok. It's cool though, my dad's gonna wire me some cash.

Yeah, the tips out at Kantishna kinda suck and these tourists are sooooo fuckin' lame. You wouldn't believe it. My uncle's cousin's grandma owned a fishing lodge on the Yentna and we'd go up every summer for a week so don't worry, I totally know what I'm doing. Oh and my girlfriend's coming up next week! So psyched. I really miss her. She's fuckin' awesome, dude. She looks just like a younger version of Lindsey Vonn. Wanna see a pic? 

Wait. Let me scroll through these. Haha, dude! Check out this GoPro from my heli-snowboard trip near Boulder last winter break. Can't believe I just found this! That trip was epic. Totally sick. You been out there?

Oh hey one more thing: Do you know where I could like, maybe score some weed and a decent burrito? I'm full-on starving and I hear pot's legal here now. How fuckin' rad is that?

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