Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Alaskans for Action Through Loud Inconvenience" Now Dropping Bricks Off a Six Story Building to Prompt Elected Officials Into Action

Now, with a government shutdown looming on July 1, the citizens group calling itself "Alaskans for Action Through Loud Inconvenience" (AATLI) has once again flexed its muscle in a thus-far-vain attempt to move the Legislature off the dime. It's hoped that dropping bricks from the top of a building in bulk will finally force the state's elected officials to pass a budget before every state worker gets a pink slip, and basic state services cease to exist.

Tim Jones, an AATLI spokesman from Kenai, told O.H.M. that the group has hired the same crew of burly dudes with jackhammers, but this time has directed said dudes to drop bricks by the bucket load from the very tippy-top of the six-story Capitol building.

"If you're anywhere in the 99801 zip code, you should be able to hear this," shouted Mr. Jones. "It's actually pretty amazing. You wouldn't think that re-doing the facade on the Capitol would be this loud, but it works out great because our team is there taking all of the old bricks and dropping them by the dozen down a long piece of black PVC pipe into the metal bed of a waiting truck from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., seven days a weeee ..." Mr. Jones lost his voice so couldn't complete the rest of this sentence, but made a thumbs up gesture to indicate he was optimistic about AATLI's newest effort.

Though the Legislature is doing its non-work in an alternate location, at press time several legislators could be seen with their hands over their ears and their eyes on a bunch of spreadsheets.

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