Friday, May 13, 2016

This is Totes How I Roll With My Squad, a.k.a./feat. Can I Buy Some Love?

I was aimlessly scrolling through my Insta last night when I came across some sponsored content from Athleta, noted purveyor of yoga pants, bikinis, and now, I guess, Girl Power (TM)?

These two ladies give new meaning to flexing for the 'gram. It's time to "join the movement," and I don't mean a bowel movement. Cuz the lifestyle brand that brought you Gap Kahkis and Banana Republic blazers and pencil skirts is now done with commodifying clothing and is moving on to commodifying THE FEELS.

They're "encouraging women and girls to lift each other up." And what better embodiment of that concept than two Beckys With the Good Hair with low BMI doing some platonic-esque acroyoga in designer spandex on a tropical beach?

This is exactly how I roll with my whole squad! 

Forget FaceTime calls to each other from bed all over the world, half-dead and crying over various personal and professional slights. Forget driving to rescue your friend whose car battery died. Forget driving to someone's house in the middle of the night to help her fill out divorce and custody paperwork. Forget about telling off someone's asshole family because they aren't down with her being gay. Forget helping your friend with cover letters and resumes and telling her she deserves this promotion. 

Those are the boring, lame, non-acroyoga-based and uncommodifiable expressions of "#sisterhood" and "#powerofshe."

And guess what? No matter how hard a boardroom tries to market that to me, I'm not buying it, because's not for sale.

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