Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump's "Taco Bowl Tweet" In Limerick Form

In honor of Cinco de Mayo
(And no I don't think he was high-oh)
The White House contender
And constant offender
Has offered new reason to sigh-oh.

He tweeted that he "loves Hispanics"
It's really not quantum mechanics:
Shove a big "taco bowl"
In your sour cream hole
And you're winning that whole demographic!

Taco Bell's triple fried bean burrito
Must now take a "VERY SAD" seat-o
'Cause the Trump Tower's fare
With its Mexican flair
Is a lunch that Trump won't ever veto.

It might cause The Donald to fart
But "Hispanics" should really take heart
This man loves your food
He's not being rude
He's just trying to make a fresh start.

From that one time he called you all names
And implied that you all were to blame
For raping and drugging
And gang-style mugging
And all of those other false claims.

Whether chip, shell, tortilla or bowl-y
From Antarctica to the North Pole-y
He'll build a big wall
But he won't have the gall
To deprive us of his guacamole.

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