Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sonnet 18: Shall I Compare Thee to a Diet Coke?

Shall I compare thee to a Diet Coke?
Thou art more tasty and more prune-like perhaps?
Four coins do wrest you from your vending bay
And when SOLD OUT appears I find myself irate.

Sometime too small the 12 ounce portion size
And often is your sodium benzoate maligned
And caramel colored aspartame from sweetener declines
Serving size: one can, but bottles, too, are fine.

But thy strange, delicious flavor shall not fade
Nor lose possession in this belch I maketh
Nor shall you cease to be cool in the shade
For I shall drink you in two gulps and not forsaketh

So long as women can drink phenylalanine
So long is this, Diet Dr. Pepper, the drink of choice for me.

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