Friday, May 6, 2016

Do My Kids Really "Need to See Just One Little Thing?"

That's a big question I have for my kids. Whether, in fact, they really and truly "need to see just one little thing."  Because that's a claim they make a lot. Like, a LOT.

I'm not generally disputing the fact that my kids sometimes need to see things, or want to see things, or have to see things. And by "see" of course, I mean basically play with or otherwise interact with that "one little thing" for a really long time. And let me clarify that the "really long time" happens when we only have five minutes to get to school, work, or a sports practice.

And that's where my question (and usually a lot of yelling) comes in. 

Do my kids really--at THAT very moment--"NEED to see just one little thing?" Bearing in mind that the verb "to need" means "to require something because it is very essential and very important," and the "one little thing" is usually one of these little things:
  • Check on growth status of bean plant.
  • Finalize list of potential Halloween costume options for next Halloween, in May.
  • See if Nerf gun Styrofoam bullets can hit ceiling fan from prone position on floor.
  • Check on status of pretend dinosaur egg "hatching" in Pyrex bowl full of water.
  • Feed frog that has been fed less than 12 hours ago.
  • Whether it's possible to reach Costco bag of chocolate-covered almonds with creative climbing.
  • Try on all my jewelry and several different pairs of my shoes, even though I've already given them almost all of it to play with anyway.
  • See if the next door neighbor is home for an unidentified purpose.
  • Make a bunch of little "guys" out of pipe cleaners.
  • Finish washing and cutting a Barbie doll's hair in a mixing bowl on the kitchen table.
To be sure, these are little things. But do my kids really "NEED" to "see" them? Right at that particular moment?

I don't think so.

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