Friday, March 18, 2016

The Real Comments on this Article on Climate Change in the ADN are Better Than Anything I Could Ever Make Up

Presented without comment.

--As New York and Washington got more snow and colder temperature then ever. As the whole east cost was hit with severe winter snow storms that climate change scientists said they they would never get. As stated they would never get snow ever again. No climate change theory has worked out as they claimed.

--You know the difference between climate and weather?

--Umm research much? The jet stream has change course due to warm ocean temperatures. This is the reason I'm in Alaska with 50 degree weather and it's snowing in the lower 48. It's not that complicated.

--Do you know truth from lies. Ozone depletion or global warming. Both were disproven both cost billions, both cost millions of jobs, both gave money to tge government both had government backing. And both ,politicians invested in business that where backed by grants from the government. No I think you may not realize a lie from big brother. And ALL three ( ozone depletion, global warming, and climate change ) where disproven by top scientists. And all three where still sold to the public. No I will stick with facts. You can stop using your phone's you car,your heater,your tv and stop eating from the market's. If you believe in this theory. I hope you don't mind me saying I love ignorant liberals and your half truths and half lies. It makes it one big lie.

--No the scientists that said the earth was freezing THEORY where the same scientists that bought us ozone depletion THEORY and global warming THEORY.  MIND YOU THERE THEORIES NOT FACT. THERE AN EDUCATED GUESS.  NOT FACT. OZONE DEPLETION IS A DISPROVEN THEORY AS FARE AS MANS involvement.  And global warming was changed due to the THEORY was disproven and changed climate change to still sell it to the public.

--I don't care what you call it, I'm loving it. -50 below isn't any fun.

--We had Palm trees at one time! WTF is the problem?

--That is an excellent stupid question.

--Hardly a stupid question at all, unless one is a far-left climate change zealot.

--Hey listen, you're making the rest of us Republicans look like a bunch of knuckledraggers. Chill out and read a book. Perhaps start with one on basic chemistry and work up from there.

--We had palm trees a long time ago... Before the ice age... Tectonic plates and jet streams move and change constantly.  Don't forget the volcanic eruptions which sore we'd ashes into the stratosphere and keeping sunshine from warming earth for a few years.

--On record? Why do we think our life span or even 5 human lifespans is s big enough period in earths terms to extrapolate any type of responsible conclusion. There was a Summer in the early part of the 20th. Century that just got skipped and it was cold the entire year.

--There was a volcanic eruption and the ashes stayed in the stratosphere deflecting the sunshine and keeping earth in a winter like stage for a year or two.

--Yes, I'm aware, but that is my point. Making wild predictions based upon short term results is not scientifically responsible.

--Because stupid Christians state the earth is only 6,500 yr old. Might have something to do with it.

--Okay, that really doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about.

--There is plenty of research. Just research it.

--Gee thanks. It's all based on a faulty foundation of either bad statistical science and or bad logic.

--Haven't we been talking about a strong el nino for the  last year that was going to bring above normal temps???? Come on people.....

--Are these the same "scientists" that thought the world would freeze in the 1960's? Are they the same ones that were promoting global cooling(until they figured out that promoting the global warming hoax could be infinitely more profitable)?

 --uh huh and it was global cooling in the 70s ...... Blah blahblahblah . Guess what , the dinosaurs didn't have cars or nuclear power plants and they are still dead ........... Guess by your logic they simply " didn't have time to adjust".

--humans have been around for just a tiny fraction of earths history. how does one exactly know that this is the 'climate change' is happening at such a rate that life cant adapt???    and if the oceans are going to rise up and swallow nyc etc, why  did the messiah of climate change al gore buy a huge mansion on ocean front property?

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