Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't Worry Donald: Women Who Undergo Abortions are Already Punished for It

Today Donald Trump mouth-farted out some words which--even for him--turned out to be a bridge too far. He told MSNBC host and fellow-old-rich-white-person-without-a-uterus Chris Matthews that women should receive "some form of punishment" for undergoing illegal abortions. He later recanted that statement, saying that such a ban should criminalize only those performing the procedures and not the women who undergo them.

Here's the thing though.

It doesn't matter that Trump said what he did, or that he recanted it. Because as everyone knows, women already receive "some form of punishment" for getting abortions, whether those abortions are legal or not. 

This is a simple fact on which the whole world can agree, whether you believe abortions should be legal or not: women already get "some form of punishment" for abortions.

Here for Trump's edification is a non-exhaustive list of the "forms of punishment" women who undergo abortions--legal or not--already receive in spades:

1. Harassment and threats of violence at abortion clinics while exercising constitutional right to legal abortion.
2. Lack of means to fund a legal abortion.
3. Forced to get illegal abortion because of #1 or #2 and get death penalty as a result.
4. Lack of access to legal abortion within hundreds of miles of home.
5. Forced to get illegal abortion because of #4 and get death penalty as result.
6. Guilt
7. Shame
8. Fear
9. Discrimination
10. Intimidation
11. The wrath of God (if religious)

So really, Trump's statement wasn't offensive because it was a preposterous notion. Quite the opposite: it was offensive because it's already true.

So don't worry Donald: Women who undergo both legal and illegal abortions in America are already punished pretty severely as it is.

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