Friday, March 18, 2016

I Wore Pajamas to My Kid's Figure Skating Practice Like Wut.

Yeah I did it! And I don't give a FUCK, bitches! I'm wearing my pajamas in an ice skating rink like WUT. Who gon' fuck with my flow right now? WHO? Stand UP!

That's right. I didn't think so.

Am I wearing underwear? No! Am I wearing a bra? FUCK no! Am I wearing pajama pants, and a University of Montana Hoodie? The same threads I rolled out of bed in this morning? Hells to the yes! Am I in public? Damn straight I'm in public!

To paraphrase Ice Cube: It's Friday, and I ain't got shit to do. (Except for taking my kid to skating practice). And y'all can suck my DICK if you think I'ma put on clothes for that shit.

No. Uh-uh. I'm gonna rock my PJs like I OWN this joint and I don't care who knows it. Who gon' step to me, son? None of these bitch-ass tricks up in here, that's for damn sure.

'Cause I'm sitting on these bleachers blogging on my iPhone in my pajamas, with my adult coloring book and glitter gel pens like WUT. They can make me sign a waiver forcing me to sit in this meat locker, but they can't jack my style. 

These hard-ass wood and metal bleachers are like my living room couch, and anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my commando ASS! Right after I register my daughter for the spring show and sign up for a parent volunteer job. Maybe manning the hot cocoa stand. I'm not sure yet.

Mic dropped.

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