Saturday, March 19, 2016

Suggestive Alaskan Euphemisms for Sex

Chasing the Bear
Prospecting for Gold
Fishing for Humpies
Open Crab Season
Filing for the PFD
Grabbing a Drive-Thru Espresso
Knocking Xtra Tuffs
Doing the Humpback
Hitting a Moose in the Palmer Hayflats
Catch and Release
Personal Use Dip Netting
Rolling in the Ditch
Starting a Palette Fire
Tapping the Pipeline
Docking the Cruise Ship
Taking the Skiff Out
Expanding Medicaid
Firing up the Snowmachine
Mushing Dogs
Working on the Slope
Heading Out to the Bush
Federal Overreach
Limiting Out
Checking the Crab Pot
4WD through the Beaver Dam
The Tesoro Iron Dog

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