Friday, March 11, 2016

Alaska Dispatch News Commenters Debate the Flat Earth Theory

Comments on Article: Earth is Round, Studies Show

John Doe: When will you hacks at the ADN stop printing all these lies? This article is a bunch of liberal hogwash funded by scientists that our state legislature and government bureaucrats in Juneau have bankrolled for years on the backs of hard-working Alaskans. And the author is clearly in cahoots with them all.
Tim Jones: John: When will YOU wake up and realize that 100 years of science are staring you straight in the face?
Jane Smith: Tim and others: with all due respect to the commenters here, I'm pretty sure the earth being round thing is older than 100 years.
Tim Jones: Who asked you, you effing c**t?
Jane Smith: EXCUSE ME?! I've lived in this state since before you were born, and BEFORE the earth was round, even.
Dave Johnson: You're all wrong, especially you, Jane. I don't know who you are but you're clearly a reprehensible, millenial b**** who didn't go to college, or who went to too much college. One or the other. That much is clear! Why don't you take your Ivy League bull***t back to New York City or wherever it is you came from? I've lived in Alaska since the pipeline was built--actually I built the whole thing with my own hands, by myself. Hell, I remember the days when all you could get north of Fairbanks was powdered milk, canned green beans, and a rack of caribou antlers for your outhouse. And I stood on top of the world at the North Pole, just me and my buddies and a couple dozen beers, and I can tell you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that the earth is FLAT.
Samantha Dee: Oh great, go ahead and just silence the women on here like you always do.
John Doe: Maybe we wouldn't need to do that if (A) you all went back to the kitchen where you belong and got some damn class; and (2) the ADN would just stop printing all these LIES about SCIENCE like the EARTH is ROUND. I truly resent this, as it is hack liberal journalism at its absolute WORST. I'm about to cancel my subscription.

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