Sunday, March 20, 2016

Juneau, You May Not Be Aware of This, but You Could Win Two Tickets to See Adele Perform Live in Seattle

Fellow Juneauites: I consider it a core duty of this blog to let members of the community know when something really big is going on. Something they may not have heard about. 

And in this case, that thing is two tickets to see Adele in Seattle this July.

It's a pretty big secret, I think, that the local top 40 radio station has been conducting a sweepstakes since January to give away two Adele tickets for a concert in Seattle in July. They've only been promoting this contest literally every six minutes for three months. So in case you're not aware by now, I'm here to tell you that you can stop by various stores in town and drop your name in a box for a drawing in May.

If you're a fan of Adele, you already know: The second tickets go on sale, they're snapped up. Sold out! There's no doubt about it. The ticket for 2016 is Adele's world tour.

FORTUNATELY, Mix 106 has TWO for YOU! Mix 106 wants to send you and a friend to see Adele! Live in Seattle, in Joo-ly. A pair of these tickets sold on eBay for $17,000; and okay, Mix 106 did not pay that much for their two tickets, but they are still giving them away and they even rustled up airfare and hotel accommodations for you and a friend!

You know, Seattle. There's the space needle, Pike's Place Market, the Woodland Park Zoo, the experience music project, the chalupa* glass museum, and at the end of it all, at the end of the day, if you're just lucky enough, there's Adele!

Juneau: consider yourselves informed.

*I know that's not what it's called, but it was too good of an autocorrect to fix.

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