Friday, April 24, 2015

That's Not Really My Bag

So yeah, no offense or anything but that's not really my bag. It might look like my bag, but I assure you it's not. My bag is slightly bigger, roomier, a different material, and it's black--not red. It's also a fancier brand and has some distinctive markings that no other bag has, so I can guarantee you that is not my bag.

That is, however, my cup of tea! And a delicious cup of tea it is, what in this delicate little blue and white china mug with matching saucer. It's just the right temperature and flavor. I can't quite place it. Chamomile? English Breakfast? Earl Grey? 50 Shades of Earl Grey? Maybe it's that pregnancy and nursing tea? I'm not pregnant or nursing, but this tea is still good. Whatever cup of tea this is, I can tell it's been steeping for awhile and it's definitely mine.

So even though that's not my bag, and I'm leaving it behind for the next person (whose bag it is or might be), like I said, this is is my cup of tea, and I'll be taking it out on your boat. Which reminds me: please know that you're welcome to do whatever floats your boat. Be it use of an oar, a paddle, a four-stroke engine, a sail, a fan, hydraulics, motors, or any other means of marine propulsion, the last thing you want is for your boat to sink. So you're entitled to do whatever it takes to make your boat float.

You're also entitled to whatever frosts your cupcake, whatever bakes your baguette, whatever butters your biscuit, whatever grills your burger, and whatever fries your mozzarella sticks. For all of these are very tasty snacks, and you're entitled to have them prepared in the manner you find most agreeable. 

After all, it's a free country.

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