Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10 Ways to Tell if Your Pizza is Really Good Christian Pizza

1. It's topped with communion wafers instead of pepperoni.

2. It was served at the last supper.

3. It was made in Indiana, Arkansas, or North Dakota.

4. Indiana governor Mike Pence ordered it for his last cabinet meeting.

5. It's not gay.

6. It was cooked in hellfire on a brimstone.

7. The face of Jesus appears in a pattern of cheese bubbles.

8. You start speaking in tongues after you eat it.

9. If you're not saved within 30 minutes of eating it, it's free.

10. The Book of Revelations is printed on the box.


  1. As a recovering Hoosier (someone raised in Indiana) and recovering Cathoholic, I enjoyed this.


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