Friday, April 10, 2015

O.H.M. Frees the Nipple: 100 Nipples Freed & An Invitation

UPDATE: April 10, 2015

I’ve got 99 problems, but a nipple ain’t one. 

That’s because there is now a gallery of 100 female nipples on the internet for all posterity. The anonymous, adult female nipples you see below were all submitted for posting here by consent over the past few weeks as part of O.H.M.'s take on the international "Free the Nipple" campaign.

These are the nips of women ages 22 to 70, mothers and not. There are several that have had breast cancer and surgery. There are nips of several different races and ethnicities. One thing is for sure: few if any of these nips look like magazine boobs, and that was the point.

Or part of the point.

The other part of the point was to draw some attention to women’s issues and gender equality, a.k.a., "The Feminist Agenda." That’s why in the course of this #100freednippples project, I decided to turn my attempt to collect 100 nip pics into a charity fundraising event for the AWARE women’s shelter here in Juneau. 

Having reached that goal, it is time to make good on my promise. Save the date Juneauites:

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 2015, 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: O.H.M.'s House in Juneau (Details forthcoming on F.B.).

WHAT: Fundraiser for AWARE, Inc.

WHO: Any man, woman, or child who wants to support AWARE.

WHAT ELSE: A signature cocktail (The Fuzzy Nipple) and maybe some boob cupcakes.

DONATIONS: Pay-as-you-can. I will be pledging $100, $1.00 per nip, to kick this off. People who live outside of Juneau and who were involved in #100freednipples or who just want to support this project and want to pledge their support to AWARE can do so here.

Thanks to all who donated their nipple to my wacky brain-fart of a project, and see you in two weeks!

We now have 99 nipples, with to go to get to #100freednipples. When I get to 100, I am going to host a cocktail party fundraiser at my house to benefit the AWARE women's shelter here in Juneau (exact date TBD). I will also pledge $100 myself, $1.00 per nip, to kick off the fundraiser.

The signature cocktail will be the "Fuzzy Nipple," a delicious peach-flavored concoction. AWARE helps women in abuse and rape emergencies, providing comprehensive intervention and prevention and outreach regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in Southeast Alaska. Visit their website to see the great work they do for humankind.

This gallery is pretty incredible. The diversity of real nipples is stunning. Who knew? Not me! In any case, there's still time to be part of nipple-fund raising challenge history by making your nipple one of the final to be included in the #100freednipples gallery.

April 2, 2015

In an earlier post, I gave props to the international "Free the Nipple" campaign, specifically its message of gender equality in censorship, anti-misogyny, public breastfeeding, and opposition to public "indecency" laws affecting women only, among other things. In the case of nipples, of course, both men and women have the exact same piece of anatomy, but only women's nipples are considered profane.


I invited women readers of O.H.M. to participate and attempt to answer this question in their own, quiet, comfortable way: through an anonymous O.H.M. wiki-photo collage celebrating the de-sexualized (or at least de-objectified and de-pornified) female nipple and all it stands for. 

The response--from non-mothers and mothers, both nursing and not--and including women who have had breast cancer--was powerful, and here are the amazing results. 

This ongoing project is turning into something very cool. I am trying to get to #100freednipples, at which point, well, there will be a gallery of 100 nipples on a blog and we'll all be happy I guess?  

Message me on Facebook if you would like yours added. 

And just so everyone is clear: these are all adult female nipples, submitted for posting by consent, directly to me. I post each picture unaltered here, and then delete it immediately from my possession, per my promise to the women who have submitted their photos.

The Juneau Empire will be publishing a piece on this project later today or tomorrow, with interviews from me and others that I will circulate a link to.

Also, just so people (especially nursing mothers) know: in Alaska, "lewd conduct," "lewd touching," "immoral conduct," "indecent conduct," and similar terms explicitly do NOT include the act of a woman breast-feeding a child in a public or private location where the woman and child are otherwise authorized to be. (AS 1.10.060(b)). 

Are there more pressing issues in the world than nipple-related advocacy? Of course there are. But the point of this project is to highlight just one small hypocrisy and double-standard in society, and to show the people who peruse this gallery of photos that the breasts they see in a magazine and the breasts that live under all of our clothes in real life are not necessarily one and the same thing.

Real women. Real nipples. Real life. Zero bullshit. #freethenipple.

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