Monday, November 23, 2015

Let the SkyMall . . .

Not many people know this, but Adele's hit song "Skyfall" was originally inspired by the inflight magazine SkyMall. That was the original title, in fact. But just when Adele was getting ready to drop her hit track, the inflight version of SkyMall was discontinued. Don't worry though. There are still plenty of SkyMall goods available online, right in time for Black Friday. Check out these unique items and gift ideas!

What's a snowstorm without a statue of the abominable snowman? Snowmen are SOOO last winter. Show your neighbors you're serious about snow with this life-sized Yeti!

Do you have shrubs? Of course you do. And you know what? They're probably freezing as we speak and shouldn't go without a jacket! Keep your shrubs cozy and warm in chilly weather with these stylish vinyl shrub jackets. Available in two colors: moss and grass.

This adorable trio of ceramic dragon hatchlings is ideal decor for your desk if you smell like fungus and want your coworkers to know for a fact that you spend all your free time mastrubating to Japanese octopus tentacle porn and playing Call of Duty while eating Dorritos and Mountain Dew for dinner.

We all know that real Christmas trees are a fire hazard and an environmental menace, so just get this giant blowup version of the winter classic for your front yard instead. Bonus: you can repurpose it into a bouncy house for birthday parties in the off-season!

Buy this bike tire with pedals. Because tire with pedals? That is all.

Don't you just hate going to a wine tasting and having to carry your glass around? Well, SkyMall just solved this classic dilemma with this set of six silicone wine glasses that you can just fold into your pocket like this bourgeois cowgirl here. Make sure they're empty first!

Be the envy of your whole neighborhood by dressing your doorway up like a Christmas present, and don't let anyone tell you it's tacky. They're just being Bah Humbugs!

If you purchase two of these travel pillows we'll throw in this recently divorced father of two and real estate broker to the stars. He's going through kind of a hard time. Obvi.

Remember the Yeti you just bought? Time to find him a friend. The abominable snowman needs his southern Sasquatch buddy hiding behind your tree when the snow melts!

Make your patio look like a National Geographic special with this life-sized foam replica of these mysterious wonders of the South Pacific. Your friends and family will think you've become an archaeologist while they weren't looking. Unless of course you already are one. In which case you're probably not going to buy this life-sized foam replica of these mysterious wonders of the South Pacific.

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