Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's Good to Be a Woman: More Awesome Advice About Girls From The "Brotips" Tab of "BroBible"

In follow-up to my last post immediately below re:  BroBible, I thought you'd all be interested in some additional Bro-based advice about girls:

Brotip #4171: “Never assume your girl isn’t checking your social media accounts at all times.”

Brotip #3988: “If a girl smiles when she’s upset . . . stay away. There’s a chance she’s crazy.”

Brotip #3941: “She’s never a dime until she takes off her sunglasses, bro.” [Dime = a 10].

Brotip #3928: “If she is a 7 on Instagram, she is a 5 in person. Never trust a filtered pic, bro.”

Brotip #3812: “You know nothing about a girl until she’s drunk and mad at you.”

Brotip #3370: “If two girls are in the profile picture on Tinder, it’s usually the uglier one’s profile.”

Brotip #67: “Chicks go crazy for beastly hugs. That one-armed shit makes you look like a little bitch.”

Brotip #62: "Respect the currency exchange rate. An 8 at the bar is a 7 at the club which is a 10 at your apartment but might be a 3 the next morning.”

Brotip #27: “The quiet ones are the kinkiest."

Brotip #16: “Don’t hook up with virgins. They don’t need you irreversibly altering their lives and you don’t need them following you around for two years.”

Brotip #14: “She’s gonna fuck somebody. So why not you?”

Brotip #7: “Bitches love smiley faces.”

Ahhh. It's good to be a woman in 2015!!

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