Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Muslim Refugee Terrorists Are Super Sneaky and Diabolical the Way They Keep Dressing Up Like White Rednecks from 'Murica All the Time

I think Donald Trump was right when he said that thing about ISIS using Syrian refugees to Trojan Horse in a bunch of terries, because that is so obviously what is happening in 'Murica right now.

This week's shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado--perpetrated by yet another white redneck with an AK-47--proves in no uncertain terms that ISIS and its Islamic caliphate have figured out the most diabolical disguise ever for their terrie activities: dressing up like crazy redneck white supremacist wingnuts!

It started back in the day with Tim McVeigh. Then Eric Harris and Dykan Klebold at Columbine. Then there was the Aurora movie theater guy. Then that dude in Arizona who shot Gabrielle Giffords in the head. And the other kid who shot up an elementary school in Connecticut. Also the Charleston church. Then more recently it was the student at the community college in Oregon and a bunch of other mass shootings and public massacres all clearly perpetrated by ISIS-led refugee terrorists dressed up like regular old 'Muricans.

These evil bastards have perfected the art of subterfuge by blending seamlessly into 'Murican society: the bowl haircut; the vacant stare; the pasty complexion; the improper English spoken with a flawless 'Murican accent. These guys have it DOWN.

Make no mistake: there is nothing more dangerous than a Syrian refugee ISIS Muslim terrie who knows how to pretend to be a regular 'Murican terrie. Like all of the people named above so obviously were.

I mean, we need to close our borders now and start doing a religious inquisition before shit really starts to get out of hand around here.

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