Friday, November 20, 2015

Frankenfish: A Limerick

The Food and Drug Administration
Has created a foul situation
They've given approval
To chromosomal removal
And to fish DNA alteration.

It's like something straight out of Sci-Fi
And Alaskans have never been shy
To say it ain't great
To put Frankenfish on your plate
Instead of organic sockeye.

Well the government says go ahead
Like they did with asbestos and lead
Well that turned out fine
So surely this time
We should not greet this mutant with dread?

And even if Frankie is edible
Its wacked-out genome will be spreadable
To our native wild species
I'd rather eat feces
And I'm suspect the science is credible.

This animal has its own BRAND.
"AquAdvantage" its called (fresh and canned)?
And it need not be labeled
'Fore it gets to your table
The concerns of consumers be damned.

The problems with Frankie ain't mild
I would sooner feed dirt to my child
Than to let them eat salmon
That some company's scammin'
To edge out the fish that run wild.

"Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish."
Every Alaskan knows this.
They'll let rivers run dry
Before they will buy
A salmon from a Petri dish.

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