Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A 17 Year-Old Ski Bro Tells You About His Day


It’s like, totally gnar pow in the backcountry right now. Like, seriously epic. It’s like, DUMPING out there. I mean, it's super low vis, but the turns are SICK. Like, seriously. 

I hit first tracks on dawn patrol and I’ve been carving like, EPIC turns all day. So like, I was in the white room on my first run? And then I picked this one line? But I full-on cliffed out, and was all like, BUMMER. 

So my one bro helped get me out of that sketch, and then I was full-on BOMBER down the other side. I had to bail and did like, a full-on yard sale at the bottom. My one other bro is like this totally sick ripper, like he was in the X-Games. Seriously. And anyway, I got him shredding a RIDICULOUS line on my Go-Pro. He totally stomped the landing. 

It was so sick. 

You gonna check out that Warren Miller movie later? Killer. Hey . . . mind if I scrub one of those beers and like, a quick toke off that J? 


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  1. The thing is, its not only the 17 year old bros. The talk like this at 27 and 34 and...god help us.


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