Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Daughter Is Threatening to Buy and Presumably Read a Kiddie Biography of Taylor Swift ... AND WHAT OF IT!?

Following is the verbatim transcript of a conversation that took place before school this morning:

Paige: Mom, you’re going to be SO proud of me.
Me: Oh really honey, that’s great! Wait . . . Why?
Paige: Because I’m spending $20 from my allowance at the book fair today instead of saving up for an iPod Touch.
Me: That’s awesome, honey! What books are you going to buy?
Paige: Something with really tiny words. And also Taylor Swift.
Me: Hmm. Tiny words. That's good. But, um, Taylor Swift? I'm pretty sure that's a person, honey . . . not a book.
Paige: No MOM. There’s a BOOK about her. It’s about how she grew UP.
Me: Interesting. Do they maybe have a book there about oh, I don’t know, Harriet Tubman or Marie Curie or something?
Paige: Who’s that?
Me: Never mind, kid. The haters gonna hate, the fakers gonna fake, the players gonna play, and the heart breakers gonna break. So just keep cruising, kid. It's gonna be alright.

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