Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Transcript of a Morning Commute

[Geoff is driving, I'm in the passenger seat, and Paige and Isaac are in the back. Geoff starts the car. Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" instantly erupts from Mix 106.3, Juneau's Top-40 radio station]

Geoff: DUDE. Why is this on blast? It's so early in the morning. And why didn't you open the windows when you pulled into the garage last night? It smells like mold in here. Also you're really short.
Me: Sorry. I can't really do anything about any of that right now. Especially the part about being short.
Paige: Wait! Turn that back on! That's my favorite song!
Geoff: No. I can't deal.
Paige: PLEASE?
Geoff: No.
Paige: But it's my FAVORITE SONG! You don't have to listen to it!
Geoff: Yes I do. This is a confined space. Also I'm driving and I get to say what we listen to, which before 8:00 a.m. is silence.
Paige: Please!!!!!
Geoff: No.
Paige: PLEASE?!?
Geoff: Ugh. Fine. [Turns radio back on].
Me: Nice parenting dude.
Geoff: Whatever. I give up.
Paige: Yay!!! Can we see Taylor Swift in concert the next time she comes to Seattle?
Me: We'll see.
Paige: Canwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwecanwe???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease??!
Me: Maybe. Let's see what happens.
Isaac: And me too???
Paige: You don't even LIKE Taylor Swift, Isaac.
Isaac: Yes I do!
Paige: No you don't.
Isaac: Yes I do!!
Paige: No you don't.
Geoff: I can see it now. I'm going to be one of those sullen dads at a Taylor Swift concert.
Me: AAAAHH! This is such a moot conversation!
Isaac: What does "moot" mean?
Me: It means pointless.
Paige: But can we see Taylor Swift in Seattle though?

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